Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And They're Off

This past Monday, firms from all industries and all locations could begin official the on-campus recruiting of first-year Chicago GSB students.

Tons of firms, lots of which you've heard of, and none of which I'll mention specifically on the off-chance they stumble across this corner of the blogosphere.

This all means I have a bunch of additional things I want to do, and I've now reached the conclusion that I actually have negative free time.

My DVR is slowly gorging itself on all the shows I haven't watched, and lots of the songs on my winamp playlist now seem strange and unfamiliar. Poor YouTube may kill itself because I've gone days without looking for videos of idiots hurting themselves.

Even my blackberry is begging me to go into I-banking for the summer so it'll get a little break from all the MBA emails.

But it's kind of nice to be busy, and don't tell anyone, but I'm kind of liking it.

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