Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Boston Fans Suck

I'm now actively trying to avoid all forms of major sports media because it's too damn frustrating

Not only have the Philadelphia teams been totally sucking (Phillies swept in playoffs, Eagles just terrible, Flyers have been good but since only a couple of us care I'm not sure they count), but everything keeps going right for those Boston jerks.

I used to identify with those jerks and even rooted for them on occasions. I liked that we shared common bonds of sports futility and a hatred of New York.

Now they're the assholes, with their Red Sox and Patriots.

I had no problem when they were losing, now that they're winning, the media can't stop themselves from fawning all over their greatness.

Did you know that the New England Patriots are the best team ever?

Did you know that Tom Brady is the supremest quarterback in the history of the ever-expanding universe???

Since you can't possibly escape all the Patriots = Football gods BS, I really just can't bear to watch any NFL stuff anymore.

Those freaking Patriots, not only do they cheat (which everyone in the media seems to have forgotten), not only do they feature at least one HGH-all star, but they're also a bunch of complete losers with no sportsmanship.

I'm not a Dolphins fan, but they played the Patriots on Sunday. The Dolphins haven't won a game all year, they're pretty terrible. Yet, that didn't stop the Patriots from running a fake spike when they were ahead by 28 points. For those who don't know, football teams will often spike the ball to stop the clock. A fake spike is a trick play designed to trick the defense into being caught flat footed.

Of course, it's almost exclusively used by teams that are behind and desperately trying to catch up, not by teams with a four touchdown lead.

They remind me like some kind of arch-nemesis for the NFL, like I wouldn't be surprised if they went up to the Dolphins water boy and swirled him in the toilet after the game.

But if there's any karma out there, it's dark clouds ahead for those assholes.

(Maybe like if Tom Brady had an illegitimate kid...oh wait)


Anonymous said...

Yeah Jared Yeah!


Anonymous said...

so fuckin true. boston people are the most obnoxious anyway... give them some victory and well, lets just say those douchebags are NEVER gracious in victory... always rubbing it in because they are so fucking insecure and insular

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Elita said...

Interesting to know.

Anonymous said...

Boston Fans can go pound sand. No playoffs for Boston aholes fans this year. hahahahaha