Friday, October 19, 2007

Goings On

A lot of stuff happening this week, so I'll stick to the highlights...

- Had my first Chicago hailstorm yesterday, although I don't know if that'll be like a regular thing. It kind of just blew in right around the time I was looking to leave the GSB. It was kind of biblical, the sky got completely dark, ice pellets rained from the sky furiously for like 5-10 minutes, and then it kind of cleared up...weird

- If any future Chicago GSB students are reading (which I guess is possible as I get closer to 1000 hits...who the heck is reading this anyway?) , my one piece of advice is this. Don't take 8:30am classes on Friday morning. I have statistics, and while I like the class and the professor's great, it completely messes up Thursday night when most of the other GSB students are getting obliterated. It's not fun to have to leave the bar at 1am to learn about discrete random variables the next day. Never again.

- I volunteered to help out with admissions events, and was really excited when the assignments came out because I was hoping to get something like giving building tours or speaking at an information session. Nope. I get to escort students to classes, which isn't really much involvement with applicants. And what's more, I get to escort them to the 8:30 Friday morning classes (shockingly, I'm figuring not a lot of other people could pull off that shift). That's pretty weak.

- With that said, I picked up my first applicant building tour when someone else had a conflict. I'll be giving my first tour next Tuesday, should be a good time (or it could go horrendously, hard to say what's more likely at this point)

- The Flyers are apparently amazing now, after like their worst year in franchise history last year. WTF? I mean I'm happy that they're back on track, but I have no idea what's going on being half a country away.

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