Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Banking Troubles

At this point I feel like I'll never actually have my Jeopardy money thanks to terrible banks and their policies.

Last I left off, I had my whole terrible ordeal with Citibank, who eventually closed my account and mailed me a check for my Jeopardy winnings and the other cash I had put there (total over 32k)

They mailed me the check on October 22nd, and it arrived on October 27th (does this seem a little odd to anyone else?)

Anyway, this morning I finally went to put it in my PNC bank account. Now PNC has no branches anywhere near this state, but I figured the irony of depositing it to PNC through a Citibank ATM would be good.

So I take my 32k check and go to the ATM



I was all alone in the Chicago pedway, and actually screamed that I would never get this money.

So I called PNC, and the rep told me that you can never deposit over 30 grand at an ATM (over 30 grand, like my jeopardy winnings + the cash I wanted to have in the Citi account)

Can't do it at an ATM, you need to go to a branch

A branch that doesn't exist in this time zone

I'm almost ready to cry at this point, I just want my money

Now the PNC guy explained that I could do banking by mail. I just send the checks and a letter to this address and it should get taken care of.


But the address is this long complicated mess, Mail Stop F6-F166-02-C at the 'Miscellaneous Account Services Department' in Philadelphia.

Does anyone really think that if I do send my giant check to this place, that it will actually end up in my bank account???

It'll be another game of 'Let's See How Jared's Bank Can Screw Him Over With Ridiculous Policies'

I can't wait

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