Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Citibank Sucks

Ok, for those who don't know, I keep an internal list of large corporations that have wronged me in some way. I've realized that complaining does absolutely nothing to solve problems (except for the potential opportunity to get free products/services from said companies, which just gives them another chance to screw up) so I just blacklist them from getting any of my money, forever.

Citibank, welcome to the blacklist. Take a seat between Enterprise Rent-a-Car and MetLife.

So why am I so pissed at these guys? Well, it all started when I moved out to Chicago.

After a couple of ATM withdrawls with my PNC bank card and some surcharges, I resolved to get a new bank account for spending money. I wanted to go with a national bank, someone with lots of ATMs, and I figured, a reasonably easy process. Citibank has an ATM in the basement of my building and one out at school, a natural fit right?

So I went online and signed up for a free checking account. No hassles, just some online forms and my initial deposit from my PNC account. I could expect to receive my new debit card in the mail soon.

Great right???

Well, so I got my debit card a little while later, and got all excited. Not only did I have a new ATM card (and would avoid fees) but I also got my Jeopardy prize check in the mail. All that money, and a new bank to put it in.

So I went to the nearest Citibank. Inserted my ATM card (which said it only needed to be put in an ATM to be activated) and had no problem depositing my Jeopardy monies.

Now just a quick withdrawl...


Hmm...let's try that again...


What the hell??? I just deposited a ton of money with this card, but I can't take out any money?


Ok, this seemed not too unusual, maybe there was a problem activating my card. I picked up the phone next to the ATM to contact customer service. I spoke with some nice lady on the phone, who then told me that my account was frozen.

'But why?' I asked, I went through the whole online application process, could deposit money, but couldn't use any ATMs???

Apparently, my account had been flagged because they were unable to verify my address. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, as you'd figure at least one other person in my 48 story apartment building must have a Citibank account. But for some reason, they couldn't let me access my account through ATMs until they've verified my address (if anyone could explain why, I'd love to know).

'Ok, how do you verify my address?'

They needed either a utility bill or a phone bill, something with my address on it.

'But, I don't have a phone line, and I just paid my cable and electric bills a couple days ago, they won't be back for months.'

Citibank can't be reasoned with. Rent bills don't count, neither do printed statements off the internet, and don't even think about using a cell phone bill...

Ugh...fine, I'll wait the next 3.5-4 weeks to get ANOTHER bill and mail it to them. And let's not even get started on the fact that they disclosed nothing about these requirements during the online application process.

So I wait, and I wait, and I wait, trying to avoid using cash.

Finally, last weekend, I got my electric bill. I've never been so happy to see that. So now with my bill in hand, on Monday, I go down to Citibank to have them fax it to their corporate office (it's the least they could do right???).

Columbus Day...closed

Alright, another mild inconvenience, I'll just go to Office Max and fax it myself.

Which is what I did, after failing a number of times because the number was busy.

Finally, I thought, they have my electric bill and I can get my account online and forget about the whole hassle.

Friday rolls around, and I wanted to get some money. Four business days is plenty of time for an efficient corporation to process one fax right?

Apparently not...account still frozen...

Alright, at this point, I was getting beyond frustrated with these guys and their stupid corporation.

I finally called Citibank to get some kind of answer to what the hell was going on.

God help the poor guy who answered the call that day...


Because when I called him, he explained to me the following two things...

1 - My utility bill wasn't good enough. Apparently, the address was incomplete. I can't see how this could be possible, as it had the full street name, apartment number, city, and zip code right on it. Maybe they need a bill that also featured a photo of me smiling with the doorman or something. God only knows.

2 - Once the utility bill was denied as proper verification, the 30-day time limit on getting Citibank the information verification (remember waiting for the next bill) lapsed. My account was now automatically cancelled.

Poor poor Indian Citibank employee...he really should've called in sick that day, because I went to town.

I realized after my first 4 or 5 minutes of profanity-laden diatribes that this poor guy didn't deserve that. So I spent the next 3 minutes apologizing and telling him that I didn't think it was his fault and that I shouldn't have yelled at him.

After all of that...I finally get it all out of my system, and there's a long awkward pause...

'I'm...I'm sorry sir' the poor Indian call center guy replied

I don't know what happened after that, maybe I drove him to quit, that would be nice.

Anyway, after all that crap, I officially have no Citibank account. I was expecting to get my check any day...and lo and behold, today I got a letter from the good people at Citibank.

It was my first account statement, not my money.

Yeah, Citibank is definitely on the list.


Topy said...

lol and a half

Anonymous said...

Thats pretty funny, did you change bank?

Anonymous said...

I hate citbank as well. I had an account with netbank and due to ill advised venture into mortgages they went under. so in november I switched to Citibank and that was the beginning of my nightmare.

I opened the account online and funded it over the phone (a five figure sum). I was told that it would take 7 business days. I was fine with this and after two weeks of no money called to see what the issue was. They told me that it would be any day. I waited an additional week and still no money. This time I went up the food chain and was told that the transaction was never put through. By this time it was over three weeks without almost all of my liquid assets. I was then told that it would be an additional twop weeks to process this. I mwean what the f@#$! Then my money finally shows up in the account but the account is frozen because of the amount of the transaction. Noone informed me of this otherwise I would have broken it upinto smaller amounts. So after daily calls to citi and emails to the corporate office nothing ws done! I had to liquidate some of my assets to pay my mortgagte! All I got from them was sorry. They acknowledged that they screwed up but just said sorry. It is complete BS that this person screwd me by not doing their job! If I do not do my job people may die and I am held responsible. when they (as they acknowledge ) screw up they can get away with it by saying I'm sorry.
You wold thik now that things would have goten better, but they have not! There has been one customer service nightmare after another. Their reps are nice enough but they dont know what they are talking about and instead of admitting this they give you some BS answer. I have called back on successive occasions and gotten three different answers! they are the worst and I miss my old bank! There is no branch near me (hence the online thing) buit their response is that I should just visit the branch office. It is such a joke.

Anonymous said...

The only silver lining in the whole financial debacle going on right now is that I can only hope that a whole boatload of Citibank employees are going to get laid off, be harassed by collection calls, and have to live on the streets. Truly this is the thought that makes me smile every time I hear negative economic news. Is that bad?

Anonymous said...

i came across your post when googling citibank corporate address or phone number. i am going through the same thing right now and am at my wits end with Citibank. I only wish I saw your post prior to all of the crap i have gone through

Anonymous said...

Citibank is worthless. Some company charged me $4,000 for a service that we agreed upon paying $3000 after the job was done. The job was never done but Citibank said they could not help are not a protection agency and pay up. So we paid up and cancelled our Citibank credit card, beware. Guess we are lucky they didn't charge us more, because whatever they charged we had to pay, even though we didn't sign any receipt.
What crap!!! Angry in Florida

Betsy said...

citibank and enterprise totally totally suck - I dearly hope that the us lets citibank die

Anonymous said...

The reason the customer service reps dont know anything is because citi bank wants it that way they dont tell us nothing and expect us to make stuff up if we dont know the answer so your right.
Your not the only one who hates them. I work there and I hate them. They never give their people any slack their standers are so high no one can even get close to making productivity. I have been there for 5 years and they have screwed me out of a raise every year. Now because they got the buy out they just announced they are cutting out all raises and bonuses. Gee and they want us to work for them???? I am done even thought the economy is horrible I am looking for another job. Even if you do you job there its not good enough. They gave me 60 days to meet their standerds or they will make me write a letter stating since I cant imporve I will resign. Nice huh so now they can even screw me out of unemployment. Dont get any thing from them all they care about is their numbers and how much money they are makeing. They dont care about any thing else not even their customers. after they got the buy out money they raised peoples interest rates to 29% so they could get more money. And if the government hadnt stopped them they would have bought a jet. thats what you spend buy out money on huh. I am here to tell you this is the worst company I have ever worked for in my life. My day will be made when they get whats comming to them and fall flat on their face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Citi Bank is ridiculous in APR % and Finance charges. Not to mention their crazy late fees. I closed my account and cut up the card, I am now trying to pay it all off so I can say goodbye forever. Capital One all the way!

Anonymous said...

Citibank SUCKS! I just closed my accounts there today, and moved my money to a better bank.

I look forward to the demise of Citibank. I really do. Thumbs down on Citibank.

In my case, I had set up some money transfers to pay some bills. I've done this in the past, with few problems. Last week, they decided to cancel all of my transfers, saying that the transfers were over my limits! But, that is not true. All of my transfers were within their stated limits.

After the third canceled transfer, I called to find out what the problem was. The call center guy "Roy" tried to tell me a hold was put on my account because I had withdrawn some cash. What? That didn't make any sense. So, I asked him for some specific answers regarding this so-called limit that caused the cancellation of my transfers. He said he didn't know, and had to transfer me to someone else.

Someone else turned out to be an Indian call center employee named "Elizabeth" who had trouble speaking English, and didn't have a clue about my question. She only wanted to walk me the process to set up a transfer. Duh! Sorry, I know how to do that.

This is VERY POOR SERVICE. Nothing I can do or say will change Citibank; I can only vote with my feet. So, good bye Citibank. Good riddance!

Anonymous said...

So glad to know others share my thought: Citibank sucks!!! I have paid off the balance of my Sears account and Citibank still keeps after me saying I owe money. Jerks!!

Boo said...

These hoes - Citibank rose my APR form 19 to 32% !!! because they didn't receive my payment by noon - they received it by 4 p.m., same day. For that I had interest rose on both of my Citi cards !!! Of course I immediately stopped paying for both of them for good. May God destroy Citi bank. Federal gov. should tear it down instead of bailing them out.

Anonymous said...

I've spent the past two weeks trying to figure out how to PAY Citibank for my student loans that they never informed me were 62 days past due. When I called them today, they didn't have a record of ever attempting to contact me since I graduated undergraduate school in 2007. How was I even supposed to know my loans were due if they hadn't sent me an email, letter, or even attempted to call??? Idiots...

Anonymous said...

I added them to my list today. I have two credit card accounts with CitiBank. Both of them were set up on a debt reduction payment plan with a reduced interest rate. One at 4.5% the other at 8%. I was set up on an autodraft payment plan with them. Apparently the auto-draft was only good for 12 months. They took the last auto draft payment last month.

I received a "courtesy" call this morning informing me that my account was 3 days past due. My auto-draft payment was $75 with a 4.5% interest rate. I asked how can I be past due I was set up on auto-draft. They said the last auto-draft payment came out Sept 3 and I missed my October 12th payment. They wanted to know why it was late, and if I planned on staying current, or if I was going to continue being late on my account. They informed me that my account as charge a $47 late fee, and my new interest rate was 29.9%. My new monthly payment amount is $210 and is due immediately. When can they expect their payment.

They also said since the account is closed they cannot adjust the interest rate back down on the account, but they certainly can raise it.
I am steamed.

Anonymous said...

one day later here - and up goes the interest rate to 29.9% - Geez - would Al Capone have loved this legalized loan sharking.

and, WHY has our leader who said "hope is alive" not using his executive order power to stop this?

why Mr Obama? Afraid? Perhaps you do not have the power?

The surprise here - is that if you simple do not pay Citi at all - they will eventually settle for about 31 cents on the dollar.

Fight back - every day with everything you have got

And remember as well - once they have " killed you" (your credit) they cannot kill you a second time

Anonymous said...

Citi is the WORST!! I was on the auto-payment system, where they take the money out of your account on the due date. Well in July my checking account was compromised and I had to go through all of my auto-payments and disable them. Well when I disabled Citi, I didn't realize that it would take some time processing. Just in case, I made a manual payment to citi so I wouldn't be charged a late fee, and called to let them know what had happened.
Well behold the auto-payment tried to take out the money from the closed account, I was slapped with a late fee, and my APR went WAY UP! So I got on the phone and talked to the customer service rep, who removed the fee but could not bring my APR down? She said that I would need to make on time payments for the next several months and we could see if it could go back down.

Excuse me - I have never made late payments and having my checking account compromised is my fault? I even made a manual payment and called a rep.... "I am sorry ma'm but you have to make payments on time for the next several months..."

Even when I have made manual payments with auto-pays in place, the auto pays wouldn't take out money unless I didn't meet the min. (on other credit cards - not citi)

I was furious and for months have tried to reach someone to explain this to me. Of course no one is of any help (I have only spoken with supervisors assuming they would be more help than the regular reps)....
I find it interesting that the same thing happened to my auto-payment on capital one and they didn't try to charge a late fee, nor hike up my interest rate. They saw that I made a manual payment and that it was from a different account number at the same bank. They were so helpful! Yay cap one!!

... well back to Citi, so it is now November and I am still trying to get answers when finally a supervisor explains to me (something new) that my bank needs to send verification that this happened and then they will see if the APR can go down (50/50 chance) so I contacted my bank - but started to get really upset thinking about how horrible my experience with Citi has been. They can see the obvious right? Normally if you are a customer for a long time, and have never made late payments, and they see that you have made a manual payment from another account number, same bank, and that the old account is closed - and see also that you called, that they would help you, right? WRONG!!
So my bank is sending the proof, and in the meantime I closed my account. In the end if something like this happens again, I want to know that it is not going to be a hassle to get help or decent customer assistance. My other credit cards were very helpful and proved that in case anything bad were to happen again that they would step up! Citi has caused me nothing but more headaches and I am beyond upset! SO HAPPY I CLOSED MY CITI CREDIT ACCOUNT!! whooo hooo
NEVER using CITBANK for anything ever again!

jose said...

I just wasted too much time trying to get help from Citibank customer
service. Pointless.

Join citibank sucks on facebook:

and follow Ariana’s advice and move your money:

Anonymous said...

I hate Citibank too. Like most Americans, we have a hard time paying off Credit card bills, and they slapped me with a 29.99% APR.
I pleaded with them to lower the APR and minimums, but NO those people are heartless.

When the economy was great and I was doing good in my job, I had been paying my credit cards on time. I'm sure they made lots of money on interest fees etc.
I always made sure my balance would be low or on the zero side. But when I needed to go to a medical surgery, that was the time i needed to borrow from them. They hit you hard when you are low.

The government has bailed them
out, and in return they do this to the small people.

At least with Bank of America, and Chase they listen to you. But with Citibank, they are cruel and brutal.

Anonymous said...

Man, you think it's bad being a customer, try working for this half-assed crew of incompetent boobs!

Anonymous said...

can i add my name to the Citibank can go fuck and die list..

i just canceled my accounts as I have been getting calls from a telephone number in Maryland saying it was citibank calling, but when I asked why they would not tell me so I refused to continue to call, yet they keep calling?


Anonymous said...

I have been paying more than the min due ...5-10 days early, paid $1 less one month, and my interest is going thru the roof. People,.....stop using them...let them go broke!!!

Anonymous said...

They jacked me up to 35% apr then closed my account after i missed a few payments. even tho i thought i was on a payment protection plan for 6 months... fucking scam pieces of shit FUCK YOU CITIBANK

Anonymous said...

Citibank has no ethics.
They cheat and steel from the customers, then perk and bonus their executive team.

Total A holes.

Anonymous said...

Just closed my account, because Citibank SUCKS! After raising my interest rate through the roof because I didn't use the card at least once a month, and denying my repeated request for a lower rate(since I've never made a late payment have been thier customer for 12 years), they had the testicular fortitude to send me 3 "promotional" 0% balance transfer offers in 1 week "to help me save money on high interest loans"! When I replied that my highest interest rate was on my $%*# citi card, and asked why they couldn't just lower my rate, they again denied my request all the while "understanding my frustration". So, I'm taking their understanding to another bank.

Anonymous said...

I have had a Citibank card for several years and have an excellent credit rating. My balance was $11,600 approx. I do online banking and pay my bills that way. I was receiving harassing computerized calls from Citi saying that my payments were not being received. I called my bank which did a conference call with Citi to try to figure out what these chimps are up to. I was very upset. The next month my credit limit was suddenly dropped to $11,000 so I was over my limit!!! I think it was retaliation because I had to get my bank on the phone with them. Now that I am over my credit limit my interest rate shot up to almost 30 percent.


Anonymous said...

Citibank really sucks. I have been banking with them for over 11 years now, have had a lot of smaller incidents in the past (checking account got wiped out by someone, their bill payments are supreme bad, their brokerage service is next to neanderthal), but kept on working with them. Last month my husband was in the bank for some reason, and as usual the systems were too slow, and he had to wait for a long time. Mean while it was getting close to bank closing time. The bank manager had some errand to run. So she locked my husband and the bank personnel inside the bank and said she will be back in 10 minutes. Its past 6 oclock, and no body shows up. My husband was supposed to pick the kids that day, it seems the manager forgot she had a customer locked in the branch along with another bank personnel, and she went home. They had to call security and then they some how contacted her, and they were released after another 30 minutes or so. I can not imagine how can any competent person do that ?????

2805 said...

>>"I was on the auto-payment system"

The CItibank Auto Payment system is severely Broken. Just like is the integrity or common sense of its customer service.

REad more here: citibank nightmare

Anonymous said...

I am done with Citibank. Their dispute department is the worst in the industry and still only rely on Fax. But it's ok for them to email you and dump letter to you online, then give you some ridiculously short time frame to respond. I am cutting this card as I type this.

Anonymous said...

Just got a letter in the mail - they want to charge $15 a month for a "EZ" checking account (or have a combined total of $6000 in linked accounts.) The worst part is the condescending tone of it - like it is all a "serivce."

Included in the envelope is a pamphlet listing features they provide with the obligatory corporate photos that exclude White males. Guess I will be changing banks. Never signed up with these idiots to start with - they bought a local bank I had just gone to to get away from big banks.

Anonymous said...

I opened an account with them 2 weeks ago. They gave me a temporary debit card until my permanent one showed up in "5-7" business days. OK fine. Except that time frame came and went with no card arriving in the mail. The checks came, but no card (apparently they are mailed from different places). Anyway, so I call up and Habib apologizes for the inconvenience and offers to overnight me a card. Great! Except what they didn't tell me is that by overnighting me a card, this deactivates my temporary debit card. I found out this handy piece of information when I tried to pay for my date's dinner. I'd like to thank CitiBank for destroying my chances of getting some @$$. Is there a worse thing a bank can do? SMH...

Anonymous said...

YES, I AGREE!! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Why a billion dollar corporation is so hard up for cash is beyond me. I hope they go bankrupt. Never, ever, ever use Citibank for anything. EVER!

Jason said...

There are billions of reasons to hate these guys. Can't complain too much about my loan, I got what I signed up for, but HOLY SCHNIKES do they keep screwing up my payments and I constantly get locked out of my online account and they can't figure out why..after a year! If you want to share stories and maybe have some impact, I started a blog that I hope MIGHT get some traction by the time elections roll around so I can get the attention of some politicians. yeah, I know, 'good luck"

shell game said...

citibank scam - have a citibank mortgage. made a additional payment towards principal of 31,000. used their form to specify all money was for principal, they disregarded my instructions and diverted partial funds to interest and escrow (account was up to date, nothing owed in rears). two weeks later this month aug 2012, i sent them another 4,500. used their form to apply funds to principal, they again deducted/diverted my money to another interest payment against my instructions. this causes me a higher daily balance increasing my interest payments. it is intentional and scams funds away from intended payments for their benafit and my loss. AND THE GOVERNMENT IS LETTING THEM STEAL FROM US!!! CITI'S REPLY WAS TO MAKE ELECTRONIC PAYMENT INSTEAD OF USING CHECKS,,,THOUGHT I WAS TO STUPID TO KNOW THERE IS A 10.00 FEE FOR DOING THAT! CLOSED MY CITI CREDITCARD AND AM REFINANCING.TOO BIG TO FAIL BUT NOT TO BIG TO STEAL!!! STAY AWAY FROM CITI THEFTS.

Anonymous said...

I also hate citibank. They find any excuse to charge ridiculous fees and raise interest rates. They weren't too big to fail, they were to rotten to bail. Just from a quick online search, it looks like they have gotten some $320 billion, yes with a b, in bailout funds over the past few years. I told the evil hoe-bag on the phone that this was poor repayment for a taxpayer and they were welcome for the f-ing bailout, but not to expect any more business from me.

Anonymous said...

NEVER IN MY LIFE...Citibank is totally screwed up. A very long stupid story..but the short of it. Costo had American Express switch to Citi....I made a online purchase.
Got the bill,paid it. Somehow a portion of the bill was split. I received my new Citi card to replace the American Express. Never used the card. I get phone call after phone call from Citi stating I have $7 past due. I have no idea where this amount came from as I always pay my bill in full. After a couple of more phone calls to Citi, I finally understand that the second $7 was somehow part of the single online purchase. OK...I ask for a $7 bill to be sent to me and I would pay by check, which I did the moment I received the statement. So done. NO..NO......during the time the check is on it's way back to Citi,$.50 fifty cents is added to my I'm late on fifty cents.I Call Citi for the 7th time. I explain...ok..Citi guy says he sees the problem, he says he has made corrections and I'm all good. I proceed to apply for the Citibank Simplicity card... at which I am denied because I'm late on the fifty cents. Really, I took care of that a month ago. I now Call Citi again asking why I was denied and how to fix it again. The service rep says he'll check and correct the second fitiy cent issue. Again I'm told that a credit to my account has been made and that my account again is up to date and all is good. OH NO....I get a call everyday for two weeks from Citi asking me to contact them. I finally call, what I ask? are late on $1. I ask how could this be?????? Twice I was told my account was credited two $.50....twice. I was told the credits that were made were just credits to my account,not payment for past due amounts. WTF......These folks demanded I pay $1.... after all this 3 months of hassle and phone calls and heated conversations. I ASK WHY..???????????? Over a $1 I do not owe. TOTAL BS if I have ever seen. CITI IS TOTALLY WACKED..... I gave them the $1..but just let it be known that they strong armed me for the $1.... hanging my account over this...SHAME ON YOU CITIBANK.....YOU SUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!