Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jeopardy: FAQ

I also thought I’d make a list of quick answers to questions I’ve received or other stuff in case people don’t want to read my War & Peace length review. But if you DO want to read all about it, and if you want a far more complete account of the Jeopardy audition process (What taking the Jeopardy! test is like, exactly what happens during the follow-up in person audition, and then actually going on the show), my ebook is only a dollar and in my biased view, well worth the investment if you seriously want to consider taking the test)

- First off, why the hell did you write that long of a Jeopardy review?

Because it’s easier than writing parts of screenplays that no one will ever see? Probably funnier too. But also, I wanted to write it just so I could have this elaborate and intimately detailed recollection for myself (so I don’t forget it) and for any future generations (who can read it on blogger, or facebook, or on the dashboard of their flying Googlesoft Hovercar, or whatever else the future brings)

- I’ve been on Mars Jared, how did you do on Jeopardy?

I played in three episodes of Jeopardy, winning my first two and coming in third on my final appearance

- How good is it to win two episodes?

Well, I was curious to the answer of this question, so I ran a little analysis. Using the online Jeopardy Archive (google J! Archive, it’s a really great website), I collected summary data on somewhere between 600 and 1000 old Jeopardy episodes and found out what percentage of people appear on just one episode (coming in 2nd or 3rd place) versus two episodes (one-day champion), etc…The numbers are just an approximation….but my data indicates approximately 75% of Jeopardy contestants only appear on one episode and lose (which intuitively makes sense if you think about it). Another 15% leave as one-day champions after two appearances. After that, it’s roughly 5% that win two days (including myself)…and much smaller percentages for the remaining Super-Champions. I don’t think anyone else has ever checked the data for that, so it’s not confirmed, and the whole process only took like 20 minutes, but it’s my best guess.

- How much money did you win?

Just over $27,000. I won $4,001 for my first victory, $22,222 for my second victory (which was a lock game), and the $1,000 consolation prize for my final show

- How do you even get on Jeopardy?

Really?  You should just buy the book, it provides a very long and descriptive answer


Kevin said...

I was rolling on the floor laughing when Kebert Xela came up! So funny! Alex seemed to not get the reference, though. He did his voice on the Family Guy episode, too! Did you have a chance to ask him about it afterward?

Anonymous said...

hey congrats on your winnings! way to represent narb!

THE Bald Bob said...

It's actually a Superman reference. See here.

The writers (or manatee) of Family Guy were referring to that.

Funny nonetheless. Congrats.

WendellM said...

Thanks for those blog entries - I saw your eps and loved the Xela bit. I've wondered what being on the show is like, and this was an interesting (and funny) read.

Anonymous said...

Jeopardy doesn't directly pay your travel, but you get $1,000 as a 3rd place prize, so they really do. If they didn't, they would be paying you less cash earnings. Just a note from an anonymous economist.

Charlie G said...

Jared - I just want to say that you kicked ass on jeopardy and it was hilarious to see you on TV. Although im sure you have grown a lot both personally and professionally since you left T, you seemed like the same old Jared - intelligent as hell, yet fucking hysterical... and it was just cool to see you doing your thing.

You totally dominated the second show. I think its great what you did with the blog and all.. if only for your own detailed memories.

I almost f-ing died laughing when Kebert Xela came up.... I actually thought it was a Saturday Night Live reference (not sure if you saw those skits)with Will Ferrell..... but Chris confirmed it was Family Guy (which i like but dont watch religiously)... either way - it took some balls to do it....

Those Canadians and their free time...LOL

Just wanted to say best of luck with Grad school and everything.

Stay in touch.

- Charlie G

Anonymous said...

Thanks for relating your Jeopardy! experience. And damn you for using that Kebert Xela joke...I had hoped to use it myself someday. :-)