Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jeopardy Adventure: Part Four

What follows is a very brief excerpt of my newly published eBook, "How I Got on Jeopardy!...and Actually Won!"  The full book is available on for a very low price.

I’m not one for hyperbole, but it may very well have been the most critical moment in the history of the universe.

So we went back into the green room, and the woman from Virginia and I started to make our preparations. We got our makeup retouched, and we got our personal information cards ready for Alex. Long before we actually made the trip to Los Angeles, the producers asked us to email them a bunch of information. Within that information, were the set of one-liners, interesting facts or quirks that Trebek could use to embarrass us in front of a live studio audience and friends and family around the world.

My goals, a) try not to give him anything embarrassing and b) try not to make things awkward when the interview actually happened.

So the card was pre-made with my facts on it. There were four of them to choose from, and one of the coordinators asked me which fact I wanted to highlight and have Alex talk about.

“Of course”, I was warned, “Sometimes Alex just picks out a different one he’s more interested in”

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