Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jeopardy Adventure: Part Six

What follows is a very brief excerpt of my newly published eBook, "How I Got on Jeopardy!...and Actually Won!"  The full book is available on for a very low price.

And so the process began to repeat itself. I shook hands with both of the other players. I really kind of felt bad about the whole thing, but I tried not to feel guilty about winning.

They took off our mikes and we all went back to the green room. For this next and final taping, I would be playing two men, one of whom I believe was about my age. So I really couldn’t rely on getting good male-oriented categories.

But I’ll be honest, I did start to entertain momentary fantasies about winning a billion episodes in a row. I thought about how sweet that would be, of course every time I thought that I caught myself and chastised myself for thinking ahead. I definitely wanted to win this next game, but at the same time, I also was realizing exactly how much I had accomplished.


Kevin said...

Hey that was reallllllly long, but I read every word of it! Very well written and interesting. I felt like I was there!

Hilary said...

Thanks so much, Jared--just watched you on YouTube. I'm slated for an audition in May. I've only ever watched the show once or twice and had forgotten how damn HARD it is, so I'm getting a little freaked out, and the details of your experience are very helpful. I read and enjoyed every word! You're very funny.