Monday, June 18, 2007

Appearance in Daily News

So my Jeopardy appearance got me a brief mention in today's Daily News, only problem is it's pretty much not true.

This Narberth man raked in $27,000 over three nights on "Jeopardy" last week," but didn't fare as well playing Quizzo at Manayunk's Bayou Bar & Grill (4245 Main). Cohen, a 25-year-old private-equity analyst, celebrated his first night of victory there Wednesday, watching the show with 15 friends. The Penn State grad and pals stuck around for the pub quiz afterward, and Cohen's crew didn't come close to victory. Bayou owner Joe Abruzzo figures the bar's game must be harder than "Jeopardy." But we imagine Cohen's happier with his TV cash than a free bar tab.

Yeah, I did go to the Bayou on Wednesday, but it wasn't to watch Jeopardy (which I did with family and friends at home). We went there because we always go after our Sport and Social league football games. For the record, we also didn't play Quizzo, although if we did, I bet we could've rocked that sh*t.

Dan Gross Daily News 06/18/2007

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