Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Relationship

There's a new attachment in my life now. Hopefully you all will like her as much as I do.

She's well put together and has tantalizingly sleek curves, although I haven't exactly figured out how to press all of her buttons.

Here's a good picture of her...

What? Did you think I was talking about something else???

Anyway, I got the new phone, and it's definitely been a significant upgrade so far. I love getting email on my phone (although honestly, it doesn't deliver it fast enough for me). For some reason, Yahoo! and other email systems take a pretty good amount of time before their messages get sent to the Blackberry. But GMail works ridiculously fast. Not sure exactly why that is, but from now on i'll probably be doing most of my personal emailing through Google.

But back to the Curve. I've already sent in the $100 rebate because even with an upgrade, phones are freaking expensive.

The whole rebate thing is also similar to my ongoing quest to find a surcharge free ATM.

The search continues, after striking out at US Bank, Bank of America, Lake Shore Bank, and a bunch of other places (even one called the Five-Thirds Bank, for the life of me I can't figure out why you'd name your financial instituion that).

Of course, after running low, I did manage to get cash from another source...selling my body on the street.

Kidding (maybe), I started using my debit card and getting cash back at the register. Take that banking institutions.

People talk about being carbon-neutral, I want to be commerce-neutral. I don't want any store or business to make any margin or profit from my business. I want to be every company's WORST customer. (As an example, some analyst at MBNA [now Bank of America] probably hates me because I never carry a balance, I never respond favorably to their upsell pitches, and I always use my reward dollars....suckers)

Anway, the whole cash back thing it's honestly much better in theory than in practice. Bed Bath & Beyond will only let you max out at $40, and the cashier only had $5's and $1's. At least I'm ready in the event I accidentally wander into a strip club.

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