Saturday, August 11, 2007

Furniture at last!

Yesterday marked the official christening of my new apartment as an actual living space.

For over a week, I had a set of walls, running water, and cable, but none of that stuff to tie the room together.

You know, furniture.

I got some last weekend, but thanks to my building's ridiculous freight elevator schedule, couldn't get anything delivered until yesterday. But now it's here, and now I sit on my couch rather than lying on the floor. I feel so much more civilized. Since I told people I'd post pictures of the new apartment, and since I only recently noticed I can include pictures here, I've done so.

The living room: Before Furniture

I was really going for the whole 'transient' look...It went well with the hobo beard

The living room: After Furniture

A significant upgrade I'd say.

With my furniture in place, I set about putting the finishing touch on my place. I had just the signature art piece to tie the whole place together, and today I finally got a frame and happily displayed it...


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