Monday, August 6, 2007

Et Tu, WaMu?

Why does every bank insist on screwing people that aren't its customers???

I've been trying to find a nice surcharge-free ATM around my apartment, one that won't nail me for a couple bucks every time I try to get some cash. I hadn't made much progress when I finally got my hopes up.

There's a Washington Mutual ATM a couple blocks from my building.

Great right? Washington Mutual was the first (that I know of) bank to widely publicize a big 'No-Surcharge' policy.

"Come use our ATM's even if you aren't our customer! Be our guest!"

Apparently they've abandoned all that, and now it's just $2 for everyone without the benefit of a WaMu account.


It must really cost them a lot of money to not royally screw the cash-poor.

But I'm not giving up, since I have no job and nothing to do until Costa Rica, rest assured, I will find a free ATM!

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