Saturday, August 18, 2007

Less than four hours to Costa Rica

It's about 2:30 in the morning here in Chicago, just less than four hours before I take off on a flight bound for Miami. There, I'll connect and head to San Jose, where I'm hoping I'll get a week of non-Hurricane relaxation in Costa Rica.

The GSB had a big gathering for all the students going off to random parts of the world, which was nice, except that while most flights leave in the middle of this afternoon, mine departs from O'Hare at around 6 am.

So I've been trying to keep myself awake based on the assumption I'll sleep on the two three hours flights ahead of me. I really hope a) I don't accidentally fall asleep right here and b) I can in fact sleep on a plane.

I figure I've got another hour or so before I have to find a cab. Fortunately, Full Metal Jacket is on my HD Movies Channel, so that's giving me something to watch.

But unless I somehow miss my flight, this will be the last you'll here of me for a week.

Hopefully when I get back I'll have a tan.

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