Saturday, July 25, 2009

You Dropped it in the Toilet?

Just a brief anecdote...

I was at my girlfriend's apartment the other day. I forget the exact circumstances...but I needed to go brush my teeth.

I have a toothbrush there, and although we constantly debate the merit of her orange colored toothpaste, it's not a huge deal.

Anyway, I brush my teeth as usual and look to rinse with one of the three plastic cups sitting on the counter. There was a clear one, a blue one, and an orange one. I chose the orange one, swig some water, end of story.

That's when my girlfriend calls out from the other room.

'By the way, I dropped one of the cups in the toilet'

Now at this point I decide not to ask her why she would still keep a toilet-dunked cup on the bathroom counter...I'm much more interested in the color of said toilet-dunked cup.

'Which color cup was it???'

There was a slight pause.

'Orange.' she said.

I walked out of the bathroom and gave her a great big we're even.

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