Friday, July 10, 2009

Pizza Hut and Extenze Commercials...Put Me Down for One of Each

Now that I'm out of school, but not working, I've had more time to watch TV. Not much is on in the way of compelling stuff, but thanks to TNT and others I have a seemingly endless supply of Law & Order episodes.

But I've been seeing a couple commercials recently that I've had some questions about.

The first are those commercials for Pizza Hut. I'm sure the chain has had lots of problems, since they didn't come up with the 555 deal before Domino's did. They've been promoting their new pasta items, because if you're going to get pretty mediocre pizza, you might as well have some pasta thrown in as well.

But it's their commercials that I don't understand, including just recently promoted items like their pizza rolls. They bill the commercials as "Real People on Hidden Camera", and therein lies my question.

The commercial is typical, people sitting around eating Pizza Hut food, enjoying it, and commenting on a) how good it is or b) how affordable it is.

OK, and the commercial tells us they're "real people," which I assume is meant to imply that they are random customers and NOT highly paid commercial actors reading from a script.

I would think we shouldn't be drawing that conclusion. The commercial bills the participants as "Real people," which should mean the following:

A) They are carbon based
B) They occupy the same astral plane as the rest of us
C) They have souls and are NOT aliens, crab people, or pizza-hungry-cyborgs

Of course, this does NOT exclude people from ALSO being professional actors.

And given the fact that they're loving Pizza Hut products, I'd say they're really working hard. (NOTE: This excludes their delicious breadsticks, which are 100% awesome)

The other commercial I've been seeing is one for Extenze...some kind of natural male enhancement. I had to google Extenze the check it's spelling, and I can't wait for that entry in my browsing history to come back to haunt me.

Anyway, I love the Extenze commercial that I keep seeing. They talk about how they provide free samples, and how it improves male performance or size or something that I'm sure is completely fake.

But the best part of the commercial is their simple logical appeal to the potential customer...

"If it didn't work, how could we afford to advertise like this?!?"

I think that kind of blatant ridiculous statement is totally awesome, the idea that because a company advertises, its product MUST work.

Now, I'm not willing to test Extenze to find out if that claim has any merit, but let's just say I'm skeptical


Anonymous said...

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Extenze said...

I'm actually thinking whoever owns the US rights to eXistenZ should sue these guys for trademark infringement.