Thursday, July 9, 2009


By now there have been millions of stupid Twitter jokes, and although this post will discuss my thoughts on Twitter, I will refrain from mentioning any of those long since expired.

This includes, but is not limited to, "I think I'm going to starting Twittering...or is it Tweeting? Twittisizing?!? I don't know WHAT to call this thing"

The time for these jokes has passed, but it might be time for me to explore this whole thing.

So, do I get twitter?

Well, I really like the fact that it'll allow me to follow people I like to read (sportswriters mostly, and a few comedians I guess, and if there are any aspiring drug dealers, I could see how that would be interesting).

Of course, I don't like my nagging feeling that signing up for twitter would basically expose me as someone who desperately wants people to know what they're thinking/writing/saying. I'd hate to be exposed for that, although I already blog, so that cat might be out of the bag.

For me to tweet, I'd really have to think I had some really funny stuff to say and that it merited YOUR attention.

But then there's the whole issue about collecting followers. How do you collect followers on the thing...I mean apart from being CNN or Ashton Kutcher?

I guess I could try and find out...

Commencing Twitter!

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