Saturday, September 15, 2007

Linkognito: Top 10: Jeopardy Mishaps

Linkognito: Top 10: Jeopardy Mishaps

A friend sent me this link, a website that puts out daily lists augmented with YouTube video clips.

This particular day, they listed the Top 10 Jeopardy 'Mishaps' of All Time.

It's a pretty good list (even if I am biased)....and it's got me at the top, narrowly beating out the time Ken Jennings responded to a question about an immoral pleasure seeker/garden tool with, 'What is a ho'

So there, I beat Ken Jennings.

I've never heard of this Linkognito site before, but it must be fairly popular. When I went to the main YouTube video of my 'mishap,' viewership appeared to have spiked.

That one video is now over 220k views...

I wonder if I can ever get to a million...

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