Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First Day of School

Had the first day of business school yesterday, feeling like a first grader again. Bright-eyed, eager to learn, with a brand new Trapper Keeper and everything.

Classes haven't started yet, so yesterday was really just a series of welcome and information presentations from the staff and others at the GSB. Informative stuff, but eight hours of lectures was tough to sit through, and really took me back to my first days of orientation at my first job (where I may or may not have fallen asleep, costing me any chance of significant advancement with the company)

I saw some sleepers yesterday too.

But while the presentations were important, most people were primarily concerned with meeting lots of new people and working the room during our break periods. Even with the past few weeks of going out and meeting people, it's amazing how many I had never seen before. What's more, is that everyone seems to have a completely unique background/story (which actually really helps when you're trying to remember what their deal is). I've already met people from more than a dozen countries and just about everywhere in the U.S. There are 559 students in the class of 2009, and it's hard to reconicle the fact that I just won't be able to meet all of them (especially if they aren't out at the bars)

Anyway, today we all are getting on the bus to go up to an outdoors retreat event up in Wisconsin. I believe it's a multi-purpose 'adventure course/bible camp'. So that could be potentially interesting. But more likely, it will be some outdoors activities mixed in with more bonding/connecting to the classmates. Should be fun right?

I just had the first day of school, and it's already the first day of camp.

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