Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heavy Outlook

So it's been a while since I've blogged, but it's definitely been an adjustment period as classes have started and the time demands of a full-time MBA program have started to sink in.

I'm only taking three classes this quarter (excluding an additional leadership focused course that all of us are taking). It's funny, because it doesn't seem like a lot...but when you're trying to do all the readings and the homeworks and form study groups and all that, there's a lot to do.

Not only have the classes started, but the student groups have also kicked in. There are a ton of groups for all kinds of interests, many are career-focused (naturally), but many are more socially- or community-focused.

I've already joined up with a bunch, mostly career-oriented groups...all of which need their membership dues paid. At this point, every time I owe an extra $50 or $100, it all seems like play money now. Just another drop in the bucket, it's all an investment right?

Anyway, the benefits of those groups seem pretty obvious. You get to meet up with lots of other people pursuing similar fields or holding similar interests. You also get access to events and resources that so far seem like they'll be pretty cool. The only downside is that your calendar kind of fills up fairly quickly and as with lots of things that are resource-constrained, there have to be sacrifices.

As an example, Haas is holding a case competition in late October. It's in conjunction with HP and focuses on digital media as a part of their media conference. It sounds pretty cool, because that's a really interesting sub-sector of the media industry that I've really been reading up on. It would be a great opportunity to get together with some other GSB'ers and strategically analyze a business problem in one of my favorite sectors. Of course, it's also the same day as my statistics mid-term. Sigh.

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