Tuesday, July 8, 2008

5.66.....that's all?

It's hard to believe, but my internship is already more than a third complete.

It's very scary, in part because I feel like I really haven't accomplished anything yet, at least anything substantial.

But there's definitely a lot of good news, the most critical of which is I'm enjoying the work (relatively, let's not kid ourselves, I'd much rather just be a professional baseball player or secret agent or something) It's definitely been interesting, even if it's not the sexiest company in the world. Wholesale distribution fever, catch it!

There's only six weeks left, technically 5.66, and in that time I'm going to need to demonstrate enough capability and/or likability to merit a full-time job offer.

Of course, all this internship stuff hasn't stopped the school from reminding me that full-time recruiting is just around the corner. We've only got three weeks or so to submit our new updated resumes for next year, which sounds totally insane. Then there are the companies trying to pitch us over the summer. I've already been solicited a bunch of times for NYC events for some random companies, which has been a little weird too.

Other than that, I'm slowly acclimating myself to this whole New York thing. After a couple weeks of boring rides into the city from NJ where I'm living, I finally discovered that yes, I too can be one of those people that just wears an iPod and tunes out the whole world around them. The firm's gift really came in handy, although I'm still trying to find the best stuff to listen to.

I bought my first ever item from iTunes (although the concept still seems really strange to me), it was the first episode of Flight of the Conchords, which is an awesome show. Of course shortly after buying it, I stumbled onto all these free podcasts, and have been grabbing tons of them to fill my commute. Turns out there's this thing called NPR, apparently they just give their stuff away. What suckers.

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