Saturday, August 9, 2008

I am Abe Vigoda!

at least I might be, if my paranoia is in any way accurate.

I've finished up the majority of my summer internship here in NYC. Things have been going well. The project has been very interesting and has gotten be great experience doing things professional consultants do (e.g., using things like e.g.)

All good things, and the feedback I've received coming into my last week of work has been positive.

And yet....I'm a little concerned as we get closer and closer to this Friday, when full-time offer decisions at the firm will be revealed.

Earlier this week, I was scheduled to go with the senior members of the project team out to our client's headquarters to help present our initial findings to the company's CEO and other senior executives. Sounded good to me, as I haven't left NYC all summer and have never physically met anyone from our client (I like to think of it as like a consultant ninja....slipping in and leaving strategic recommendations without ever being seen)

But I booked this flight out to be there this Monday, booked a hotel, was getting all excited to go.

Then late this week I got a call from the boss.

"Sorry, we ended up needing to bring in another senior guy to present this operational issue, so I'm afraid you won't be able to join us"

But, that messes up all my arrangements....I thought

Which is when I had my Abe Vigoda moment, you know, when he realizes that his plot to kill Al Pacino has been discovered and they're going to kill him

Am I being bumped because they want to kill (read: not offer) me?!? Or am I just being crazy?

We'll know in less than a week.

But other than that sense of impending doom, things are good. The internship has absolutely flown by, and while it's been nice getting a steady paycheck, I'm really much more interested in getting back to Chicago and all the fun vacation stuff I've got planned.

The way I see it, I should be able to spend all the money I made this summer before school even starts again in late September. With trips to Ecuador, Vegas, and Greece on tap, that should be easy right?

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