Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer's Here, Vacation is Over

It’s official, I’m finally back at work after a blissful 359 day vacation. I forgot all those little things you miss when you aren’t in the office.

The faint hum of dozens of computers.

The prairie dog looks over cubicle walls.

And of course, the foul stench of your soul and physical fitness being literally sucked from your bones.

Ok, so it’s not that bad. Actually, it wasn’t really bad at all. It was a tiny bit fun.

Yes, technically I started a while ago, but that was just orientation and training, which is less about actually doing work and more about seeing whether you can stand the people you’ll be working with. Fortunately, everyone seems to be really cool. Maybe it’s the fact that we all made it through the recruiting process, or maybe it’s the fact that the company did such a good job of recruiting people that fit well.

Then, of course, it also could’ve been the large amounts of free alcohol. Once you’ve witnesses a bunch of fresh summer associates commandeer a bus for a late-night McDonald’s run at 3am before a 9am presentation, there’s probably a good chance you’re having fun.

Anyway, the first day of real work came and went, and it was fairly interesting. I think I was productive, which is a good sign.

Without going into detail on the nature of my project (because I would have to kill you if you knew) I’m unfortunately not working in the media industry. I’m still kind of miffed about it, but there weren’t any projects hitting at the right time for me to join. I knew there was a serious chance of that when I signed up, and truth be told, I was expecting to not get what I wanted.

Fortunately, I am working for a consumer products company, and to keep it vague, I’ll only say I’m working on growth strategy.

That could really be anything, I could be helping Callaway sell new golf bags. I could be working with Apple to market some new doodad. I could be helping Victoria’s Secret launch a new line of thongs for the elderly.

Anything’s possible, and it’s a completely new experience for me.

Of course, that extended to my out-of-the-office life as well, in that I had the completely new experience of forgetting my keys at the office and making it all the way back to Jersey before realizing it.

Fun times.

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