Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Year One In the Books

It’s hard to believe that my first year of business school is just about over.

There’s one final left on Thursday morning, and then a quick trip to the airport to make my flight in preparation for my first day of summer internship work Friday morning.

It’s absolutely crazy how fast everything’s gone by, maybe that’s because it’s been a lot of fun.

But now it’s time for work again (and hopefully some fun too), so I’m trying to get my rules straight for the next couple of months

Rule 1 – Go back to shaving regularly

Rule 2 – Start wearing pants again

Rule 3 – Remember, good consultants try not to swear at the clients

Rule 4 – As the only GSB intern at your office, try to dispel the quant-nerd rep. As such, forget all the math you know and focus on buying people shots

Rule 5 – Try to get excited about your first consulting assignment. Remember that this is what you wanted, even if it is reorganizing a cardboard box factory in Saskatchewan.

Rule 6 – This isn’t class, so when you participate in a discussion, you really should try to make a valid and relevant point

Rule 7 – Do not, under any circumstances, say ‘That’s what she said,’ regardless of how appropriate the scenario

Rule 8 – No more falling asleep in meetings or presentations…it’s not like this is Investments class

Rule 9 – No one here saw you at Spring Fling or Winter Formal, so you’ve got a clean slate to work with

Rule 10 – Enjoy the paycheck


Moshe said...

Go Jared! Consult like the best of them and congrats on finishing your first year,


Fareed Riyaz said...

Hey Jared, I found your site because of the Jeopardy thing. I just wanted to tell you that you're effing hilarious, and I will be reading your blog for more! Keep it real, dude!