Monday, June 8, 2009

All's Not Quite So Well...

And so it came to pass that the ambitious MBA student...who entered the halls with eyes wide with wonder, a mind with a thirst for knowledge, and a pocket yearning for a fat stack of benjamins...sat for his last day in class.

It was an odd experience, particularly since I have no recollection of my last undergraduate class (and since blogging wasn't really a thing back then).

The day actually started with a meeting in the admissions office. As an admissions volunteer, I had the opportunity to sit down with the Chicago Booth's Dean of Admissions to review MY application.

It was the unique chance to find out exactly how the hell I got into business school in the first place, so I was eager to hear exactly what it was that did the job. Turns out there wasn't a specific answer.

"It was a slam dunk" were the first words out of her mouth, which I thought was kind of nice.

We had a specific grading system that each evaluator uses in assessing applications, and I graded out very highly across the board (which means I managed to fool them pretty well).

I also thought my letters of recommendation said some interesting things. If you had asked me what I learned at business school, one of the first things I would've told you was a greater ability to see a larger strategic picture. All that case work and interviewing and consulting experience...yeah...that's something I think I built.

Turns out my recommenders thought that was already my major strength...which seemed a little weird.

We continued to talk about how my experience was and how I could stay involved going was a pretty good conversation (which is usually the case when someone tells you you're actually a little talented)

The rest of the day went along quickly. I know a lot of classmates really can't wait to be done school, and in some sense I see their point. Two years in a crucible with the same people all over the place can make a person pretty nuts. But while I'm sure there are things I'll be glad to have out of my life (super expensive cafeteria food, the METRA), I think you'd be crazy to want to leave business school.

Class three days a week (four max), a casual dress code, an excuse to drink absolutely anytime, and unparalleled learning opportunities? Why would you want to graduate?

If I don't turn in my last take home final tomorrow...I wonder if I can make it a three year program.

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