Thursday, December 18, 2008

NFL in 3D

There are three really really exciting developments going on in the NFL world right now.

Number 1 - The Eagles could actually make the playoffs (and prove me wrong for declaring their season was dead three or four different times over the earlier part of the season)

Number 2 - A potential fantasy football championship for me this year (and the potential for a large cash prize that would give me all the excuse I need to buy an iPhone)

Number 3 - NFL games will soon be broadcast in 3D!

Granted, that last one is probably the most exciting for everyone that's not me or an Eagles fan.

Just imagine sitting in a theater and seeing a Donovan McNabb pass come out of the screen and look JUST LIKE it's going to hit you in the shins! Or maybe you'll see Bill Belichick as if he's cheating six inches in front of your face instead of on a TV screen.

It's got potential, that's for sure.

"It's amazing ... technically they obviously have a little ways to go, but once they work out all the kinks, it's definitely the new era of television." Said another reporter, "The experience wasn't jaw-dropping, but it was noticeably better than a conventional broadcast. The game was drama-free, yet the novelty of 3D made it hard for me to take my eyes off the screen... The effect was subtle at times, but just as compelling as in "U2 3D," 3ality's concert film of the Irish rockers. The most striking thing in both cases was how much more you could see in three dimensions than in two."

Who knows how it's actually going to look. I know I wouldn't want to watch an Eagles game for my first 3D broadcast (too much risk of a technical mishap) I'd have to watch some random AFC match-up or something.

But, I'm also reading that the company is planning to roll out its initial theater experience for this year's BCS championship game. ({B1739B26-D8FE-4C3E-9DA0-D453F6F6FB83} ) That game will feature....umm....well.....not Penn State (thanks Iowa)

But because Penn State will be occupied with the Rose Bowl, and because I couldn't care less about the outcome of the BCS game, that would be the perfect opportunity to check out this technology. I can't figure out if it'll actually happen (my guess is it could), or if it would be in Chicago (my guess is it would), but I'd really want to check it out.

3D NFL cheerleaders? How could you go wrong???

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