Tuesday, July 17, 2007

TV Recommendation

So recently there’s been this new game show on TV, and I think everyone should watch it. There seem to be tons of new game shows coming out now, which I guess is mostly because it’s the summer, game shows are cheap to produce, and every network would sell their children to find the next Deal or No Deal.

But this isn’t just any game show, it’s the WORLD SERIES

Of pop culture

VH1 has this show that sets up as a NCAA basketball-type bracket tournament pitting teams of three people against each other in questions dealing specifically in pop culture trivia stuff.

Finally, a show that actually measures real knowledge.

To understand where I’m coming from, it’s like Stephen Hawking turning on his TV and seeing the World Series of Astrophysics.

Anyway, the questions are almost all really cool…way better than Jeopardy. No French Composers. No Broadway. But if you’ve seen every Arnold action movie and remember commercial jingles, you can win $250 grand.

Unfortunately, the show is not without it’s flaws. So far, most of the contestants seem to be completely devoid of personality. To put it more bluntly, they mostly seem like losers.

I guess that’s correlated strongly with the world of trivia experts, but come on VH1, at least try to find some dynamic people. And doing a silly dance when you get introduced doesn’t count as dynamic.

But with that said, I’m eagerly waiting for the 2008 World Series tryouts. You need a team of three, so I’m welcoming any applications….

We only need a catchy name, and then it’s a guaranteed quarter million (because who are we kidding, we’d totally win).

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