Wednesday, July 11, 2007

IMDB and ultimate glory

I'm officially part of the Hollywood Establishment!

Alright, so maybe it's only a tiny tiny foothold in the world, but I'm now a part of the Internet Movie Database (otherwise known as one of the coolest web sites in the world)

Finally, my appearance on Jeopardy has paid off!

The link below will take you to a listing of my television appearances (those three episodes of Jeopardy in case you didn't know)

Jared Cohen

Someday, that profile may be expanded and will hopefully include multiple credits as a background extra in major feature films or television shows. Either that or as the deadbeat loser on some reality show that involves me fighting to marry a trashy has-been celebrity.

Of course, if you click on my online profile, you might be confused as to why you never knew about my experience as an additional research for an episode of Frontline on Rwanda.

That's because it wasn't was the bastard that has my name!

Now I've never met this other guy who has the exact same name as I have, but I knew all about him even before I saw the IMDB overlap. Why? Because like anyone who has spent significant time on the internet, I googled myself (in that, I searched for myself on

Unfortunately, despite all my worldly travels and adventures, I can't unseat this other guy. To make matters worse, he seems like a great human being who's accomplished so much.


Degrees from Stanford and Oxford, accomplished writer, working to expose the plight of of many impoverished African nations.

Come on! It's like a have to compete for my own brand identity with some kind of altruistic superhero.

BS man, total BS

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