Monday, February 13, 2012

Absurd AT&T LTE Commercials

It's been a while since I brought up a commercial I hated, and with the major commercial holiday having just come and gone, it seemed long overdue.

I don't want to talk about any of the Super Bowl commercials...because I don't want to talk about the Super Bowl at all (in case you weren't watching, some team from New York did something, but I'm vague on all the details)

Instead, I'll offer up this.

AT&T has had a series of these LTE commercials. The message seems to be, if you get a new phone on this network, you too can turn into a pompous know-it-all and rub everyone else's face in the fact that they didn't get information as fast as you.

Are we supposed to look at these guys as aspirational figures? If anything, they make me want to chuck my smart phone out the window. And I'm a smart phone addict who cares about network speed!!!

Let's leave aside the fact that AT&T has been reminding me every month that I'm dangerously close to being throttled down because I'm using too much data. So their encouragement to get a phone and use it like crazy to be in the know as quickly as possible strikes me as a little absurd.

And it's not just one, they've got a bunch of these things. Each one with it's own set of jerks who must've alienated all their friends and co-workers with their know-it-all-ness. That must be why they're always sitting by themselves, snarkily dismissing innocent questions from all their co-workers and friends. Of course they're by themselves! How could anyone be friends with them?!?

Of course, I'll never have to worry about running into people like that. After all, I work in the Downtown Chicago, where AT&T's sh*tty network means all of our smart phones never work in the office during business hours.

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