Thursday, November 12, 2009


I've got some down time for the moment, and since it's a relatively rare occurrence these days, I figured I'd try to bang out a blog post as quickly as possible. That means there will probably be tons of spelling mistakes, run on sentances, and gushing streams of consciousness (moreso than usual)

As you may have guessed, I've been a little busy. So let's get you guys up to date on how my introduction to the world of full time consulting has gone.

My first project was originally billed as a four week project for a media company assisting them with some new product strategy work. Quick review: great project. It ended up running for an extra week to do some additional analyses, but I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to a) do really interesting strategy work in my favorite industry, and b) get to meet people within my firm that do the kind of work I'd love to keep doing (only catch being there's not a ton of it).

I did a whole bunch of things that I didn't exactly know how to do, but learned on the way, which is the whole benefit of a consulting gig right? I helped create and field a survey to thousands of potential new product customers. I interviewed a bunch of senior executives to talk about their needs. I had to learn a whole new software package just so I could take some raw data and figure out key takeaways from our survey results. I created a revenue model to estimate how big this product could be (answer: not insignificant). And I saw my work essentially leaked in the Wall Street Journal...which was weird, because I sure as heck didn't tell them, and neither did the rest of my team.

The project worked me pretty hard, but I guess I didn't spend all that time in business school to not work hard, that's why I go to casinos.

My new project has actually got me traveling a bit. Turns out, I actually kind of like it and may even prefer it. Sitting in airports/train stations/rental cars is not ideal, duh, but when I travel I get a hotel that will have cable TV (which my apartment doesn't), and I'll usually get a decent gym (better than the one in my apartment). Of course, the hotel I stayed at this week was a rare exception. They had two pretty old treadmills, some weird elliptical model I've never encountered, and one 30 pound dumbbell. Seriously, they just had the one. Who does that? Or did someone steal it? And what would they do with it if they did?!?

But I digress.

This project is focused on helping an insurance company improve their business processes. I could tell you more, but you're head would probably explode from all the excitement.

Other than that, things have been going well. I got to participate in my first few MBA recruiting events, and I'd say they've been just about everything I could hope for. It's very funny to have MBA students, all looking for jobs, under the impression that I can seriously make or break their chances. Everyone is very polite, they usually write me nice thank you notes after meeting me, and maybe the weirdest part, they will literally laugh at anything I say that might be potentially funny.

They're in that weird spot where they don't want to not laugh if what I'm saying is a joke, so I think to play it safe they all will give at least a weak chuckle regardless of what I say.

I'm trying to think of things that are definitely NOT funny that I can test the theory with.

"I got really bad food poisoning the other day. I had to go to the hospital."

"My cat got hit by a car last week. She didn't make it."

"Holocaust Holocaust HOLOCAUST"

I bet you there would be a tremendously awesome awkward moment where they start to laugh, then see my serious face, then get really concerned. I'll have to work to make that happen one of these days.

Apart from that there's not much doing. I actually haven't spent much time in my NYC apartment in the last month. Multiple trips to Chicago for some weddings with the GF, as well as a trip out to see Penn State completely fold to a big 10 rival. The football game wasn't any good, but I did get to eat a 'Fat Doughboy' sandwich form R.U. Hungry that had the following on it:

Chicken Fingers
Mozzarella Sticks
French Fries

It's the little things in life...

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