Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Lengthy Recap

Argh, I know I know, far too much time between posts. I'm sorry...

Last we checked, I was headed off for a series of vacations and wasn't even close to school. Today, I'm knee-deep in all kinds of crazy GSB obligations

For a quick review...

Ecuador - Really cool, mountains were a little too cool (as in chilly) but awesome terrain, while the jungle was great weather (hot, like all the time) and enough wildlife to be really interesting without being too threatening (e.g. we saw a giant snake, but it was dead)

Las Vegas - Vegas is still Vegas, we did a bunch of cool stuff in only a short time...the craziest thing was when REDACTED and I ingested way too much REDACTED, made our way to the nearest REDACTED where I ended up REDACTED all over a REDACTED's REDACTED

Greece - Really neat country, ruins that date back to the days when dinosaurs roamed the earth thousands of years ago (as I understand it). Little known fact, the Parthenon, Greece's most signature ancient tourist attraction, was inadvertently destroyed many years ago when cannon fire set off stores of gunpowder/ammunition the natives stored there. (Note to self: when I have administrative control over a civilization, make sure to keep our military supplies far far away from our most beloved ancient wonder) We also hit up a couple Greek islands, which were very pretty, even if the dollar-euro conversion rate forced me to subsist on the Greek equivalent of street meat (which I was absolutely ok with)

So that was the end of the summer, but that's long gone, as here in Chicago, it's back to business as usual (which means, busy all the time)

Although I've only got three classes this fall, they meet four days a week, without considering group meetings to get HW done. In addition, the GSB application process is also starting to heat up, and as an admissions reader (read: glutton for punishment), I'll have to go through and assess at least 8 applications a week. Fortunately I've solved that problem, I'm just going to take each app and ask the magic eight-ball.

ME: This candidate has a 780 GMAT, a 3.99 from Harvard, and spent the last 4 years digging wells in Afghanistan...but should I recommend him?


:::Tears Up Application:::

Suddenly that suggested reading time has been reduced to 2 minutes...such a more efficient process...I'll make a great consultant!

Oh yeah, consulting, I forgot to mention that recruiting is in full swing, and while I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to go back to my internship firm, I still want to selectively look around and make sure I make the right decision. Of course, I'm convinced that one morning I'll open up my door and our head of career services is going to try and pull a Jedi mind-trick on me.

Head of Career Services: "You really want to take your offer now"

Me: "I don't know, I kind of what to take my time and explore all options"

Head of Career Services: "The economy is scary, you really really want to just accept your offer"

Me: "I really don't think so"

Head of Career Services (now pulling a gun): "Look, you have an offer, it's a good one, now we can do this the easy way, or you could explore what options you have with the business end of a .45"

Beyond all that, there's really not a whole lot going on...oh wait...

The Phillies are in the NLCS! Penn State hasn't lost yet this season, the Flyers are about to start their season, and the Eagles have completely destroyed their shot at the playoffs (ok, so 3 out of 4), not to mention we're smack in the middle of the BIGGEST PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF THE LAST FOUR YEARS!!!

All that, plus the Office is back on the air, and 24 will also be returning, there's a lot going on in the world (including some kind of trouble with the economy? I've heard some whispers, nothing concrete, just something to keep an eye on)

With all this craziness, it'll be nice when recruiting is over and I've finally figured out the whole rest-of-my-life thing.

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